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Unusual Things Bought by Lottery Winners

People who have won the lottery normally feel invincible and make the mistake of thinking that their millions will last them an entire lifetime. As strange as the things they do with the money might, some of them actually get to live their dreams lives at least for a while. The biggest lottery drawing share to date was three years ago when someone won over one billion dollars and that’s a lot of cash to be responsible for at once. You will find out here about some of the weirdest things lottery winners have bought over the years.

Instead of buying personal things with their lottery winnings, some people choose to create something with their money. This was the case for a teenager who won the lottery eleven years ago and opted to create a women’s wrestling TV show with his winnings. A husband agreed with his wife that they would create water park after the man won lottery eight years ago, according to them they funded a portion of the park in their parents’ names.

Some lottery winners over the years have decided to venture into political arena after getting fortune in lottery. Bankruptcy is a common occurrence among several lottery winners, and that was the case with a lady who supported a political party with all her winnings twenty six years ago. Mismanagement of funds and purchasing of depreciating things seems to have led several lottery winners to bankruptcy over the years. Another lottery winner from seven years ago decided to go political by donating a portion of his winnings to an annual event that supports legalization of marijuana.

Some lottery winners who are in their golden years opt to get new body parts for themselves and their partners. A couple enjoyed a much more active lifestyle after getting a pair of knees each their lottery winnings which they struck when they were in their golden age. After buying some of the basic things for her family including a house, a car and going for some vacations, young lottery winner decided to get new breasts for her sister.

Some lottery winners over the years opted to spend some of their winnings investing in real estates. However, this winner’s interest was to purchase intergalactic real estate with properties on the moon, Mars and Venus. The beauty salon tanked and finally failed, the band’s record didn’t do well on the chart and the couple ended up divorcing years due to reasons that they kept to themselves.